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Updated: Nov 25, 2018

The purpose of this blog and the subsequent posts will be to share our experiences of owning and racing a classic sidecar outfit. We will write about the highs and lows of the racing itself, describe our travels, our racing weekends, the work and maintenance required to maintain a classic outfit, engine builds, chassis repairs, modifications and what it all costs. We may not tell you all our darkest performance secrets (or maybe we will) but we do want to let you know about the fun and enjoyment that goes with this very unique motorsport.

There is really no other sport like it. Road racing makes no sense whatsoever and that’s probably the biggest reason it is so much fun. Classic sidecar racing pushes the sanity envelope a little bit farther and is (arguably) more enjoyable. Two people working together to maximize forward motion on a machine that handles oddly (to say the least) may seem a bit weird but that is the allure of sidecar racing. As a team, Ben and I don’t have any form of communication on the track while in either practice or competition mode. Afterwards, we sometimes talk about ‘what happened out there' and sometimes we don’t. We work well together and intuitively know what the other is thinking or going to do. It comes partly from experience and partly from sharing the common purpose of working incredibly hard to be the fastest team out there. But it definitely makes it fun. So we just want to share that fun, increase interest in the sport and hopefully get more teams onto the grid.

We'll give you help where we can and welcome your input and questions. We will post photos and video when we are able. We hope you enjoy the site!

Dave and Ben, post race at the 2018 Mosport weekend.

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