Motorcycles have been a lifetime passion for Dave, but club racing has only become a reality for him in the last 10 years. He was first introduced to sidecars by another driver (Ian Bruce).

He says, “I went for a short ride as a passenger and came off thinking these things are totally whacked – I have to get one.”

Sidecars are a natural fit for Dave. They require a disproportionate ratio of fixing to racing time and he is a DIY kind of guy. He hates sitting still and thinks that most things that exist require modification. Virtually every component on the sidecar has been redesigned and rebuilt and he shows no sign of stopping. As a racer, he is very competitive and, when it really matters, doesn't know how to quit.

As he says, “We keep trying to improve ourselves and the machine. We just want to consistently win.”

Although racing is his passion, Dave’s first love is his family, including his wife, Heather, two daughters and sons-in-law and five wonderful grandchildren.