In 2016, Ben bought into the team as 50% owner and partner. In that first year, as passenger, he was voted Rookie of the Year by the Vintage Road Racing Association. Controlling the rig from the chair seemed to come easy for Ben whose other athletic hobbies include rock climbing, ice climbing, cross country and downhill skiing, boxing and marathon running. When he’s not on the sidecar, he is also competing on his motorcycle (a 1988 Honda Hawk).

Ben also loves travelling, learning new things, reading, problem solving, good food, hard work, coffee, and going fast.

Racing sidecars is a major time and effort commitment as he is currently a
full time student in Sudbury and drives a minimum of 4 hours one way to attend race events.

Riding on the chair requires him to be adaptive to a wildly changing environment. Ben is always equal to the task and because of his calm demeanour, takes everything in stride and makes it work. He works well with Dave and on the track they don’t need to communicate. They are both only thinking of one thing anyway - going as fast as possible in order to win.